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- Easy wiring:directly connect to AC input of LED lamps
- Ideal for many kinds of indoor LED fixtures ≤100W with 0/1-10V dimming wires
= UL Listed for US and Canada.
" Listed for factory or field installation-UL924&CSA C22.2 NO.141
- Constant Power output
- Input voltage: 100-347Vac,50/60Hz
- Battery protections:over temperature protection,over charge protection
Over discharge protection, shortcircuit protection.
- Self testing monthly/yearly
- Can work with sensors
- 5 years warranty
- RoHS compliant
- Meet CEC Title 20 standards (california energy commission)


*** 15W, 40W, 60W EM power output > 90 minutes ***

*** Back up to 300 W lights using 0-10 VDC dimming interface ***

*** Limit to EM power output for triac or non-dimm lights power ***

*** Remote control option in 60W***





EM battery back-up, AC wire etc, 0-10 VDC dimm


    LMDP-4808AC-15     15W EM power, B/U 100W 0-10 VDC dimming

    LMDP-GM-AC-40     40W EM power, B/U 300W 0-10 VDC dimming

    LMDP-UM-AC-60-RC       60W EM power, B/U 300W 0-10 VDC dimming, Remote cotrol and installation hardware, UFO main usage

    LMDP-AC25-OAC110    Invertor type, 5-25W Non-Dimm or Triac dimm fixturesAC wiring Input 100-277 VAC, See another file of production


    *** NON-AC wiring ***                                                                        ***RUN parallel to fixtures driver ***                                                         LMDP-4700 *** 5 watts Em mode output fixed 
    LMDP-4701 *** 9 watts Em mode output fixed
    LMDP-4702 *** 15 watts Em mode output fixed 
    LMDP-4703 *** 25 watts Em mode output fixed 

    *** NON-AC wiring ***                                                                        ***RUN replacing fixtures driver ***                                                          LMDP-4500 (30 Watts)                                                                   LMDP-4501 (50 Watts)



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