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1.Elegant Integrated Design,easy to transport, install and maintance.

2.Constant current discharge stable lighting + Photo sensor + Time Controller (6,8,10,12hrs for choose)+remote control(Above 30w)+Bluetooth+IOT.

3.140°wide lighting angle,the led panel can adjust 15°.

4.Support 3 nights after full charging.

5.Easy to install and Auto on/off .

6.High efficiency Monocrystalline sillicon Solar Panel to generate electricity (Higher efficiency than Polysillicon)

7.LifePO4 battery with better Weatherability than other battery.with big battery box.

8.Aluminum alloy case, Anodic oxidation process bring high corrosion resistance

9.Thick installation base and brackets bring better wind resistanc

10.As Solar products:Eco-friendy, Absorb clean energy-solar energy to generate electricity;No need cables, save cost and time;Bring lighting for area where lack of electricity





Solar Street Lights L-series


    LPLS-L60-A55:  LED 60W, 180 Lumen/Wall

    Li Battery 12.8V 42AH, Panel 18V 80W, Install Height 7m-9m, IP66

    LPLS-L80-A55:  LED 80W, 180 Lumen/Wall

    Li Battery 12.8V 54AH, Panel 18V 100W, Install Height 8m-10m, IP66

    LPLS-L100-A55:  LED 100W, 180 Lumen/Wall

    Li Battery 12.8V 60AH, Panel 18V 130W, Install Height 9m-12m, IP66

    LPLS-L120-A55:  LED 120W, 180 Lumen/Wall

    Li Battery 12.8V 66AH, Panel 18V 170W, Install Height 10m-12m, IP66

    LPLS-L150-A55:  LED 150W, 180 Lumen/Wall

    Li Battery 12.8V 72AH, Panel 18V 170W, Install Height 11m-13m, IP66


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