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1. There are suspension, ceiling, wall mounting, embedded, T-BAR and other installation methods;
2. Quick magnetic seamlessly linkable without any tools, more than 10 times faster than peers;
3. The indirect light module can be replaced, with various effects including PC cover, embossed cover,
lens (30°, 90°, single polarization, dual polarization), louver(50°, 50*50°, 35*75°), etc.;
4. Upper batwing light effect with a 150° angle;
5. Adjustable three-gear power, CCT(3500K/4000K/5000K), and up-down ratio (DOWN 100%/UP 30%
+DOWN 70%/UP 50%+DOWN 50%) by dip switch. CRI 90.
6. Equipped with Y, T, L, and other corner accessories;
7. Compatible with PIR induction and emergency program;
8. White, black, silver finish;
9. Working voltage AC120-277V and AC120-347V optional;
10. Warranty 5 years.


3 Power, 3 CCT, 3 up/down ratio switchable

CRI > 90, 110 LPW

Cut - off Magnets help keep linkage holding in straight







Vertical cubic linear strip X-series


    LLSQ-X225-D345-C9-(W/B)   2 feet, 15+20+25W, 3.5+4+5k K, wh/bk

    LLSQ-X450-D345-C9-(W/B)   4 feet, 30+40+50W, 3.5+4+5k K, wh/bk

    LLSQ-X8100-D345-C9-(W/B)   8 feet, 60+80+100W, 3.5+4+5k K, wh/bk

    LLSQ-X-JL               L shape joiner       

    LLSQ-X-JY               Y shape joiner  

    LLSQ-X-J4               Cross (+) shape joiner  

    LLSQ-X-JT              T shape joiner  

    LLSQ-X-PC             AC power feet cable

    LLSQ-X-TP              Coil cove tape

    LLSQ-X-SUS1A-SQ   Suspension installation                                                                                              (wire inlet of flexiblemounting clip-square)

    LLSQ-X-SUS1A-RD   Suspension installation                                                                                              (wire inlet of flexiblemounting clip-round)

    LLSQ-X-SUS1B-SQ   Suspension installation                                                                                              (flexiblemounting clip-square)

    LLSQ-X-SUS1B-RD   Suspension installation                                                                                              (wire inlet of flexiblemounting clip-round)

    LLSQ-X-SUS22-SQ   Suspension installation    - Square

    LLSQ-X-SUS22-RD   Suspension installation    - Round

    LLSQ-X-WMT               Wall Mount

    LLSQ-X-CLIP                Ceiling Mount

    LLSQ-X-FLG                 Flange kit

    LLSQ-X-PIR                PIR sensor

    LLSQ-X-EM                EM back-up


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