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Ceiling Flush Mount

Flush Ceiling mount

Recess Mount downlights

Recess mount downlights, New construction plate

High Bays

Microwave sensor lights

Ceiling Mount / Retrofit downlights

Ceiling mount lights

Flat panel / Central Basket

flat panel, central basket.jpeg

Shoebox, Wall Pack, Flood Light, Canopy

What's new

Linear Strip Collection

Vertical cubic added

LED Tri-Proof light w/built-in driver
Healthcare devices

LED Solar Post-top 

Solar Street Light L-Series

Solar panel, led, battery & controller all in two design
Constant current discharge stable lighting + Photo sensor + Time Controller(6,8,10,12hrs for choose)+remote control
Aluminum Channel for LED tapes

Recess Housings

Track Lights

Pendant Light -Mini Pendant

Mono Rails

Wide track lights utilize COB, which stands for 'Chips on Board'. Multiple LED chips are packaged as one lighting module and
This super bright 150 watt LED flood light will illuminate the most challenging of spaces and stand up against the elements.

Flood High Mast Form

Sensor / Driver / EM
B/U, Transfrmr, Dimer

T8 Tubes build in EM and sensor
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